Shalom Game

29 October, 2019


A historic football match between legendary Brazilian players and Israeli soccer all-stars took place on 29.10.2019 at Sammy Offer Stadium in Haifa, Israel. This great game that promoted friendship, camaraderie, harmony, and unity brought 28.000 people to the match.

"Bebeto, Ronaldinho, Kaka and Amoroso captured and applause from the crowd" — News1

Press conference

“The goal is to spread the values of soccer. We know it can unite people and even neutralize situations of conflict,” Brazilian former attacking midfielder Kaka, told reporters.


The footballers visited Caesarea and in the Old City of Jerusalem, they placed notes with their prayers between the ancient stones of the Western Wall in accordance to Jewish tradition.


On the eve of the match, the Brazilian players visited children at the Rambam hospital in Haifa.

The match

An unforgettable event


fans in the match

The game was broadcasted live on one of the biggest channels in Brazil and Israel

Official party

Cocktail party and samba grooves with all the players

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