This Document is a combined Pre-visit and hospitality rider for the Brazil Legends Experience.


  1. Pre-Visit
  2. Game day
  3. Hotel
  4. Meals
  5. Flight
  6. Transportation and Concierge Service
  7. Press conference
  8. Security
  9. Additional Requirements

Content and contacts

Mauro Rozenszajn  – CEO

Yonatan Lvovich – COO

1. Pre-Visit

  • 2 Business Flight tickets
  • 2 Individual Rooms in 4-star hotel
  • Ground transportation for Pre-visit, as needed
  • Local Production Manager available for meetings
  • Hotel inspection
  • Full Field inspection

2. Game Day

  • Uniform – 3 sets for each player
  • Training Uniform
  • Towels
  • Flip-flops
  • Sports bag
  • Light Dinner – 4 hours before the match
  • Personal Booth in Field for Producer use
  • 1 doctor per team
  • 1 physiotherapist per team
  • 1 massagist per team
  • 1 ambulance

3. Hotel

  • The PROMOTER shall provide at its sole cost hotel accommodations for the Players from day of arrival until day of departure
  • The PROMOTER shall supply a list of hotels to the company which shall be subject to the company’s written approval. Such approval of the hotel shall be absolute.
  • The hotel must be close to the Stadium (+/- 20 min.)

The specific hotel requirements are as follows:

  • Hotel 4 plus or 5 Stars
  • Double Standard Room for each player
  • 3 Double Rooms for Producer (MTR7 Production Team)
  • Includes breakfast
  • Mini bar: unlimited water, limited number of soda and not incl Alcohol
  • Free WIFI access
  • Production office with facilities (Hi-speed internet , printer)

4. Meals

  • In addition to breakfast, which will already be included in the services to be provided by the hotel, Promoter will provide lunch and dinner for the players, their companions and MTR7 representatives.
  • Alcohol Basic (beer and wine) should be included.

5. Flights

  • 2 business tickets for each player
  • 3 business tickets for MTR7 Producer and PM

6. Transportation and Concierge Service

 PROMOTER shall provide a representative at the airport upon arrival and departure of the Players. This representative shall arrange for the ground transportation of players and baggage.

  • VIP Bus for 40 People
  • VIP Service at Airport may be necessary for some players
  • Tour Guide Portuguese speaker
  • Manage police escort to the stadium

7. Press Conference 

Will be discussed base on time / needs / participants / logistic / location.

8. Security 

  • PROMOTER shall guarantee the security of all Players’ equipment and personal belongings from Arrival to Departures period.
  • Hotel and field private security for group – Min 4 Security guards 24/7
  • PROMOTER shall be responsible for Local representative of Police, as needed
  • PROMOTER shall be responsible for a Hotel Doctor during stay

 9. Additional Requirements

  • Translator 24/7 in the hotel
  • Technical Manager for project
  • Insurance for athletes
  • Medical report from local players
  • Other requirements may be requested by the players, which will be analyzed by MTR7 and the PROMOTER